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pastors note

Pastor's Note

Comments from Rev. John Woodrow

"So, brothers and sisters, what should you do? When you meet together, one person has a song, and another has a teaching. Another has a new truth from God. Another speaks in a different language, and another person interprets that language. The purpose of all these things should be to help the church grow strong."
1 Corinthians 14:26 (NCV)

Last Saturday, we said goodbye to a dear friend and church family member, Jerry Blount. Our hearts are broken over losing Jerry and that day was a mixture of grief, reverence, and love as we celebrated his life in a beautiful and holy service.

However, afterward when I was alone, I reflected on the large number of people who had worked together to make that whole afternoon the loving event that it was. The Worship Committee folks were in early helping to set up the altar and preparing the Sanctuary; the Bereavement Committee was busy in the Fellowship Hall providing a meal for thirty people prior to the service; the video and sound folks worked hard starting days before the service and during the service so that we would have video and sound. The choir showed up in force for the special music; our choir director practiced and delivered a heart-warming solo; a volunteer worked behind the scene during the service to set up a wonderful reception after the service for everyone; and on and on. It just seemed that every corner of the church was filled with congregation members contributing their loving service to God's glory! The two important points I wanted to convey from this experience are these:
  1. The church is at its best when it is working in harmony on a love event where everyone plays a part; and
  2. Each person in the church has a song or a teaching or SOME gift that can be used to build the church as it says in the Scripture above.
Last Saturday was amazing when you consider all the love that went into that service given up by so many of the faithful.

Here at Gulfview, we have been blessed to have a large number of people join our family during the last few years and those people have come with many skills and talents. Let's not be shy about using our gifts united in our hearts so that Gulfview may be the Beacon of Love the Lord needs it to be. And to God be the glory. . . Amen.

Pastor John Woodrow
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Rev. John Woodrow
A servant of the community
As Chaplain of a police department, Pastor John provides spiritual support to all officers and their families regardless of faith or denomination.
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